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What is

Better Than Sweet?

Better Than Sweet (BTS), is a botanical plant-based sweetening formula, designed to help food, confectionery, savory, beverage, dairy, and ice cream manufacturers, to reduce or substitute sugar and other sweeteners
without compromising final product taste.  

The Sugar Industry is known to be one of the largest in the world. Sugar and other sweetening applicants have been traded for centuries and has now reached a staggering global consumption figure of 180,000,000 tons a year*. 

Due to consumer trends, growing awareness of health and wellness, and growing health organizations and ministries regulations on the applications of sugar in food & beverages, we have challenged ourselves with our technology partners FOODLAB, and scientific advisors  to develop a sweetening formula that will help manufacturers reduce or substitute sugar. 


SUGAR Varinents.jpg

The main problems we are solving for Manufacturers in their sugar reduction efforts are:

      A. 1:1 buffering as sugar

      B. No lingering effect nor after tastes 

BTS is a Plug & Play Botanical sugar Substitute/Sweetening formula that manufacturers all over the world have been waiting for.

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